Priya Sharma Shaikh
Leadership and Life
Transformation Coach



I believe in your awesomeness, without a moment of doubt! 


My conscious awareness of my personal source of possibilities took time, happening along the several stages of my life, when ... 

I was thrown into managing a very conflicting team that went against me

I faced the glass ceiling and contempt from peers and juniors

I worked under and dealt with a narcissistic boss that took pleasure in taking credit for work I did

I was sexually molested and assaulted and I did not have the courage to speak up 

I was fired and had to desperately look for a job, in order to not miss my EMI   

I successfully spearheaded the transformation of a company's business operations despite employee resistance

I frontlined sales for some of the toughest products

I quit work for 6 years to be a mother to my two babies

I resumed work and had to juggle deadlines-home-children-societal expectations

I switched my career at 50 pushing aside the chatter from everyone  

I fulfilled a childhood dream at 53, while nearly encountering death!

It took me four years to complete writing a book at 54

... And oh so many more amazing life experiences I have been through!

However challenged or bad or alone or helpless or inadequate each of these experiences made me feel, I believe they helped me become the person I am today ... they helped me realise the value of presence ... of being in the here and now and made me a lover of this beautiful world giving unto myself and everyone, the ABUNDANCE we deserve. 

And above all my experiences nurtured me for my newest avatar, of being a Leadership and Life Transformation Coach


I believe the changes in me happened when I started wanting change and taking responsibility and becoming accountable. I started with believing in myself and in the limitless divine energy that flows through me. That same energy flows through you too and I know that I can help you discover it. 

Write to me at to help you believe in YOU and make you believe that YOU ARE THE HERO OF YOUR LIFE!

Priya Sharma Shaikh


'When I wanted to choose my career path it was Priya Maam who guided me to choose School Contact Programs and today I am a successful entrepreneur'

Mansi Dhruv

Events Entrepreneur

'I have been officially remixing for the Bollywood industry and have also been performing at clubs and festivals all around the globe. I have had the privilege of Priya' teaching and guidance and I owe it to her for believing in myself and my dreams'

DJ A.Sen 

International Disc Jockey

'Whenever I have wanted to choose between two difficult options I'd always go to Priya Maam and she would be the one to help me choose and help me take my decision forward'

Samyak Jain 

Event Management Professional

'Priya has been a mentor and a friend for several years now. She is my absolute go-to person for professional or personal hurdles. She has always provided me with sound advice and continues to be an important part of my life'

Hussain Aziz Sham

Media Professional

'Priya has been such a great inspiration in my life. When I completed my studies I was so confused, as in what I should do, where I should go? She was the one who identified the strength in me and guided me'

Supriya Rachel Kumar 

Public Relations Professional

'Two years back like all the students I had a huge dilema, what to choose, what not to choose, what is the perfect thing for me to do, when a perfect teacher came into my life that is Priya. It is because of her that I am what I am today' 

Ashwin Muralidharan 

Advertising Professional



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